Here at Camp Tekakwitha, we are so blessed with a tremendous community of love and support. 

Take a look at what people have said about their experience at Camp Tek!

  • from Campers

    • "I like that you always feel like you are surrounded by wonderful, caring people who are very nice and like to have a lot of fun. There is never a camper alone! That is something I love about this camp."
    • "I loved the swimming, games, and spiritual impact it had on me."
    • "Mom, can I go back next week?"
    • "Forget all your struggles at home, come to Camp Tekakwitha!"
    • "Every single thing was perfect and amazing. They know exactly what to do to make a camper's week."
    • "You experience so much more than you thought you would!"
    • "I love Camp Tek because of the fun, games, and being Catholic and talking about it is ok!"
    • "I like how they put faith into every activity."
    • "I love Camp so much. I went to camp when I was younger until one year I stopped going, but I don't know why I ever left. There are so many amazing people that are a part of this camp."
    • "Tons of fun!"
    • "I like that there are fun things every day. The counselors are fun and nice. I met so many friends, and I can't wait to go back next year."
    • "This was the best week of the whole summer! We can't wait to go back next year!"
  • from Parents

    • "I feel the kids are very safe and well taken care of at Camp Tek. My daughter said, 'I feel so close to God there.' That was so nice to hear!"
    • "As a parent, it's hard to entrust anyone with your child's life. It's such a good feeling to know that we are leaving them with a great group of young people who love God and our kids. They take their responsibility very seriously."
    • "I was really impressed with Camp Tekakwitha. My girls are young and had never been to a camp before ... They truly loved the whole experience and came back with so many stories. Camp really boosted their confidence as they felt the independence of being on their own and the self-assurance of making new friends. They are already making plans for next year, and we are excited to start a new summer tradition that allows for extensive summer fun while remaining centered around their faith."
    • I love that this great camp is practically at our doorstep, but this Catholic camp is worth traveling across the country for."
    • "All of the counselors and staff are amazing!!! I was very impressed that everyone gave all of their energy, love, patience, and faith at a level of 110% ALL week... They made it seem like they were all just getting summer started! It was evident that the counselors were there for all of the campers, not just those assigned to a specific cabin. You are a truly inspiring group! You have made my family's week at camp one that we will cherish forever in our hearts - thank you for all you do!!"
    • "Camp Tekakwitha has had a tremendous positive impact on all three of our children over the years. Our children consider the camp and many of the people they have interacted with home/family."
    • "Camp has been such a positive influence for my daughters. We love the Christian principles and atmosphere without it being over the top. It provides opportunities to meet new friends, enjoy activities different from what they typically do at home, and encourages independence as well as team building. Simply put, it's just so fun to see how much they enjoy it!"
    • "When asking my son if he missed me, he said, 'I didn't really think about you, I was having so much fun!'"
    • "The energy and organization at drop-off instantly eased my worries as a parent leaving their child ... My daughter loved every minute of every day. And with all the activities and fun, it was church that was the most impactful for my daughter which makes it even more amazing!"