day camper

(Ages 5-10)

Day Camp is a great opportunity for campers who are seeking a summer camp experience but are not quite ready or interested in our full residential camp. This program takes place off-site in a variety of parishes around the Diocese of Green Bay and is filled with teambuilding, fun, and great community-building in a faith-filled environment.

Lil Tek

(Ages 6-11)

Being mindful of campers who are experiencing their first time away from home or cannot accommodate a full week in their schedule, we have created the Lil Tek program to ease the transition into a week at camp. Lil Tek campers enjoy all the activities of a full-week camper but stay only two nights (Sunday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon).

Lil Tek campers always have the option of extending their stay at camp to last the full week. If you decide this may be an option for your camper, let the office know and consider packing extra clothes at the beginning of the week. The cost for an extended stay is $225.

Full-Week Campers

(Ages 6-14)

Full-week campers enjoy the fun of camp from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening. 

Archery, canoeing, Mass, outdoor education, games, songs, and campfires are just a few of the exciting activities this group will experience during the day, while the evenings may include a hike under the stars, a cabin cook-out, or various other camp activities as a cabin. 

LeaderQuest I

(aGES 14-15)

Our LeaderQuest I program is designed to provide teens ages 14-15 the opportunity for growth in personal and team leadership through unique camp experiences and off-site activities. 

LQI includes whitewater rafting, an overnight camping trip, teambuilding programs, and more!

Leaderquest II

(ages 15-16)

The next step! LeaderQuest II involves further opportunity for growth in teambuilding with a focus on servant leadership. The session includes a high ropes course, overnight camping trip, and service work in the community.

The skills developed will continue to make campers more capable leaders and help prepare them to serve in greater roles at Camp or at home.


(aGES 15-17)

Explorers is a program for campers who seek adventure in the wilderness. 

Through the program, a small group of campers will travel off-site and embark on a four-day backpacking trip, complete with back-country camping and canoe adventures. These campers are given the opportunity to learn basic survival skills and grow in leadership, team building, and conflict resolution. 

The goal of this program is to help campers develop their character, learn the value of nature, grow stronger in faith, and gain confidence in leadership. Participants will be challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually while receiving the tools to succeed.

Counselor in Training

(aGES 16-17)

Our CIT program consists of one full-week training session to learn the ropes of being a counselor at Camp Tek. The counselors-in-training then spend one full week of summer camp working with our campers in a cabin as an "assistant counselor." 

This is a great opportunity for growth in leadership, hopefully paving the way for a future role as a Camp Tek counselor!