Giving Opportunities

Great things happen as Camp Tekakwitha continues to grow. However, growth brings additional need. Last year we awarded over $60,000 in financial assistance in an effort to ensure anyone can attend summer camp and join us for a week of fun! We could not have awarded this aid without the help of generous support from donors like you.

Please join us in our mission of shaping lives through a Catholic summer camp experience.

  • Support camp with a financial gift

    Thanks to our generous donors, Camp Tekakwitha is able to receive financial support to benefit our spiritual, educational, and social needs. Consider joining our faithful donors by visiting The Catholic Foundation GiveCentral to support our ministry - we feel the impact of your gift no matter the size, and we are appreciative of your generosity.

  • Make a wish list donation

    As a growing camp, we are grateful for individuals and families who share their gifts and talents to support our needs. If you are looking for a way to help us out, please take a look at our wish list and consider the ways you can make a difference for our camp community.

  • Encourage a friend or family member to visit camp

    Spread the good word about everything you love at Camp Tekakwitha, and bring all your friends with you for a visit out to Loon Lake! We love seeing families and friends return year after year to join us in living out the legacy of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and we can't wait for your family to join in on the fun.

  • Follow and share oN Social media

    By following and sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts, you help spread the word about Camp Tek and encourage others to check us out! Like, share, and comment when you get the chance!

Contact us about your interest in supporting Camp!

Sometimes individuals know they want to give to a cause they believe in, but they don't know exactly how they want to give. If you want to talk to someone about supporting Camp Tekakwitha, please contact our staff at your convenience. We can assist you in understanding more about the giving opportunities available including will or estate planning information. 

Thank you for your generosity in supporting Camp; it truly makes a huge difference in the lives of our campers. God Bless!