It takes a village

Great things happen as Camp Tekakwitha continues to grow. During the summer of 2023, we welcomed more than 1,300 campers, 50 young adult staff members, and thousands of school-year retreatants. Kids had the opportunity swim, play, and pray together in God's creation all while learning to love the Lord and each other more beautifully. We end each season in awe of the many ways God works through our campers.

Beautiful growth also brings additional need. Each summer we award around $50,000 in financial assistance to ensure anyone can attend Camp and join us for a week of faith-filled fun. Our program opportunities and camp staff continue to grow and our facility needs do as well.

Please join us in our mission of shaping lives through a Catholic summer camp experience!

  • Support camp with a financial gift

    Thanks to our generous donors, Camp Tekakwitha is able to address spiritual, educational, and facility needs while also providing camperships to families in need. We invite all alumni, grandparents, parents, and friends of Camp Tekakwitha to generously support our mission through a monthly or annual gift.

    Please consider checking if your employer, or another organization, will match your tax-deductible gift. 

    Donate online

  • Make a wish list donation

    As a growing camp, we are grateful for individuals and families who share their gifts and talents to support our needs. If you are looking for a way to help, please take a look at our Amazon wish list and consider the ways you can help make a difference for our camp community.

    Specific needs: wooden picnic tables, benches

    amazon wishlist

  • share your gifts and talents! 

    Whether you enjoy gardening, painting, teaching, or handiwork, all gifts and talents are welcomed here at Camp. Please reach out with interest in volunteering individually or as a group! 

  • Encourage a friend or family member to join us at camp

    Spread the good word about everything you love at Camp Tekakwitha, and bring your friends and family with you for a visit out to Loon Lake! 

    We love having new families and friends join us in living out the legacy of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha.  

    Come join us! 

  • Follow and share camp oN Social media

    By following and sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts, you help spread the word about Camp Tek and encourage others to check us out!

    You can also leave your positive stories on our Google page to help invite others into the beauty of our Camp community.

Contact us about your interest in supporting Camp!

Sometimes individuals know they want to give to a cause they believe in, but they don't know exactly how they want to give. If you want to talk to someone about supporting Camp Tekakwitha, please contact our staff at your convenience. We can assist you in understanding more about the giving opportunities available including current in-kind gift needs at Camp.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting Camp; it truly makes a huge difference in the lives of our campers.