Each summer, Camp Tekakwitha seeks faith-filled, passionate, and energetic young adults to join our Kateri crew and serve the youth of the Diocese of Green Bay.  Positions are outlined below and include kitchen aides, residential camp counselors, day camp counselors, and lead team members. 

Working at Camp Tekakwitha is incredibly rewarding!  You will spend your summer praying in the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, tie-dying, playing 6-way soccer, cooking marshmallows over a campfire, and much more -- all spending intentional time with kids while helping them grow in relationship with God and each other!  Working at Camp requires a lot of hard work and selflessness but helps you grow as a person and provides great resume-building skills in problem solving, communication, and collaboration.

All positions are currently full for 2024.  Applications for 2025 will open on November 1, 2024.  

Please reach out to us with any questions!

Let's answer some of your questions ...

Hopefully these frequently asked questions will give you a strong basis of information as you discern a position on our Camp Tekakwitha summer staff. 

Please reach out with any questions we haven't answered!

  • What are the position options?

    Residential Camp Counselor

    Residential Camp Counselors reside at our camp in Loon Lake in Shawano, Wisconsin.  They are responsible for creating a strong cabin community for their campers, along with their co-counselors.  They provide 24/7 support for campers and lead campers throughout daily activities.  Summer counselors will receive training in VIRTUS, CPR/First Aid, and Lifeguarding upon arrival - there are no requirements for previous training in these areas.  Residential camp counselors are age 18 and older. 

    Day Camp Counselors

    Day Camp Counselors are onsite at Camp Tekakwitha during their training week, but then spend 4 weeks at various parish locations throughout the Diocese of Green Bay, bringing the camp spirit with them.  They lead daytime programming  for campers, then spend their evenings in formation with the Day Camp Coordinator.  This job is perfect for those have have some leadership or CIT experience and are ready to take the next step toward being a counselor.  Summer counselors will receive training in VIRTUS and CPR/First Aid upon arrival - there are no requirements for previous training in these areas.  

    Day Camp Counselors are at least 17 years old.

    Kitchen Aide:

    Kitchen Aides reside at Camp Tekakwitha and help keep camp running.  Kitchen Aides are responsible for helping prep food for meals, serving food, and washing dishes.  Additional responsibilities include cleaning areas around camp and assisting counselors as needed. Kitchen Aides are at least 16 years old.

    The ideal candidate for any position will want to inspire young people, help create lifelong memories, and embrace the beauty of outdoor adventure. We provide a strong witness to our Catholic faith during each and every moment of Camp largely through the lives of our staff members. 

  • What does a typical week look like?

    The typical work week for all positions begins at noon on Sunday and runs through 5:00 p.m. on Friday.  Each week begins and ends with a staff meeting.  Residential staff members are also required to work some weekends for Family Camp sessions.

    Residential Camp Counselors receive a daily 1/2 hour break and a weekly 4 hour break.  Kitchen Aides primarily work around meal times, but may be asked to help in other areas of camp when they are not in the kitchen.  Day Camp Counselors typically work until 4 p.m., with time off in the evening.  

    2024 Dates of employment for residential camp staff: May 28-August 16

    2024 Dates of employment for day camp staff: June 9-July 19

  • what are the outcomes of working at camp?

    All Staff Members receive daily formation opportunities to grow in their faith! 

    At Camp, we celebrate daily Mass, spend time in Adoration, and pray the Stations of the Cross.  Additional opportunities for staff members include confession, liturgy of the hours, early morning and late night rosaries and Adoration, as well as Lectio Divina, small group discussions, and spiritual direction.

    Fun- All Day, Every Day! 

    A typical day at camp includes singing songs, canoeing on the lake, a game of six-way soccer in the field, and prayer time as a cabin at night.  The job of a staff member is to have fun and make lasting memories with campers.  There is never a dull moment at camp!

    Lifelong Friendships!

    Serving on staff means living in community with like-minded individuals.  Staff members work, eat, and pray together each day, ultimately getting to know each other well.  You also have a strong community behind your back!  Most staff members stay on the weekends to spend time with each other and get to know the local community.

    Working at Camp Tekakwitha provides you with many resume building opportunities! 

    Aside from all the fun you will have at Camp, you will also gain valuable skills that future employers and graduate programs are looking for.  Whether you hope to be a youth minister, teacher, medical professional, or any other job, the skills gained while working at Camp Tekakwitha will easily transfer to any career. These skills include the following:

    • Flexibility is necessary as impromptu changes occur often with a need for adaptability in response

    • Collaboration and Teamwork with a great crew of fun and faith-filled young adults

    • Effective and Constructive Communication through teaching campers and communicating with co-workers

  • What are the challenges of working at camp?

    While working at Camp Tekakwitha is a lot of fun, it also challenges you to grow in many ways!

    Being a camp counselor means that there are many responsibilities and not a lot of down time. You are giving of yourself throughout the entire week, often in ways and at times you least expect. You will be asked to lead campers in programming experiences, community building, and faith encounters.

    Additionally, a summer spent living in community can be a great gift in the deep relationships formed, but it can also bring new challenges.  While living and working in the same space as your coworkers, you will be challenged to learn more about yourself, how to handle conflict, and how to love each other as Christ.

    Taking a position at Camp will encourage you to take a step outside of your comfort zone.  

    You will be challenged, encouraged, and changed after a summer at Camp Tekakwitha!

ready to apply?

Whether you're a new or returning staff member, we are thankful for your prayerful discernment to apply for the Kateri Crew!

Please check back on November 1, 2024 to apply for summer 2025 positions.