Fair & Honest Fee STructure

Realizing that families have differing abilities to pay for camp, we've instituted a 3-tier pricing system that allows families to see what it truly costs Camp Tekakwitha per camper and make an honest assessment of how much of those true costs they can cover.  Fee A is the closest to the full price of camp.  Fees B and C include tiered scholarships.

All subsidized fee rates are made available by your generous support of Camp Tekakwitha directly and through the generous support of the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Green Bay. If you feel called to financially support the full cost of a camper to come to Camp, please do so here

In no way will the amount paid influence the quality of the experience campers receive. 

Fee A

These costs are closest to the actual cost of camp for a child to participate, including expenses for staff, food, programs, supplies, and maintenance. The majority of camp registrations are paid for using this fee schedule. Please select Fee A if you are able.



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  • LQ/Explorers/CIT


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Fee B

This fee includes a 5% scholarship from the full Fee A, serving as our partially subsidized rate for families who can pay more than the standardized fee C but are unable to afford the full cost of camp as in Fee A.

  • Lil Tek


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  • Summer camp


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  • lQ/Explorers/CIT


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Fee C

This fee includes a 15% scholarship from the full Fee A, serving as our standard subsidized fee for families who are not able to pay either the full amount covering the cost of camp or the partially subsidized fee B. This fee option is used when more significant financial assistance is needed.

  • Lil tek


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  • Summer camp


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  • LQ/explorers/CIT


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lil tek and full week campers are eligible for the following discounts!

  • Early Bird Registration: Sign up by December 8th to be eligible for an early bird discount! [Use code: earlybird24}
  • Diocese of Green Bay Discount: If a parent works for a Catholic School/Parish in the Diocese of Green Bay, please email us for a discount code.
  • Session One Discount: Those who are in need of an extra discount can consider registering for session one and using code "sessionone2024" at checkout. 

Additional discounts can be automatically applied if you: 

  • have multiple campers coming to Camp
  • have campers staying for multiple weeks

Please note that discounts are not applicable for our leadership programs.

financial aid

If your family is unable to meet any of our already-discounted fee options above based on your current financial situation, please consider the options and instructions below. 

  1. As you determine your preferred session for the summer, consider signing your child up for Session 1 (June 9-14) as you will have an additional discount opportunity using code "sessionone2024".
  2. Prayerfully consider Camp's tiered pricing structure and determine the fee your family is able to pay before registering.  Please keep in mind that Fee A is closest to the actual cost of Camp while Fees B and C already include automatic partial scholarships.  We trust your honesty in ability to pay.
  3. Check with your local parish, Knights of Columbus organization, or Catholic Financial Life branch for special scholarships they may have available to you! Families receiving state or other assistance may qualify for camp reimbursement as well. Please check with those organizations for support.
  4. Request a Camp Tekakwitha campership below, completing all necessary fields. Kaitlynn will follow up after your campership request is submitted.

We are committed to providing assistance to campers in need, and we give thanks to The Catholic Foundation and all generous supporters who make this aid possible.  We do not want finances to be the only barrier between a child being able to attend Camp, and we want to be able to help each family that asks!


Aid requests are due as soon as possible after registration but no later than February 1, 2024.

After this date, we cannot guarantee total scholarship will be able to be awarded due to available funding.