Camp Policies

Camp has several policies to ensure all campers are safe while enjoying their time with us. These policies are important for families to know and follow for the sake of all those at Camp! We appreciate your willingness to abide by these expectations.

"No Food in the Cabin" Policy

Campers come with a variety of allergies and dietary needs. To ensure campers do not eat or inhale foods that may cause a reaction, all food and candy brought to camp will be collected and stored in the camp office. Items will be returned at the time of checkout. 

Please follow this policy when packing for camp or sending care packages!

Medication Policy

All medications must be in the original packaging with pill counts marked on the outside of the packaging. If you are sending more than one medicine, please place the bottles in a self-seal bag with your camper's name on the outside.

The camp nurse will record all medicine brought to camp at check-in and will be responsible for dispensing all medication while your child is at camp. Counselors will be made aware of physician orders and medication dispensation.

Camera Policy

Campers are allowed to have cameras at camp. However, counselor permission is required before pictures are taken in any setting.