A Day in the Life of a Camper

7:45 AM          Morning Glory to God

8:00 AM        Morning Chow

8:45 AM         Flag Ceremony

9:00 AM        Prep for Cabin Inspection

10:00 AM      Morning Activity Rotation 1

11:00 AM        Morning Activity Rotation 2

12:15 PM         Noon Chow

1:00 PM         Siesta/Rest time!

2:00 PM        Mid-Day Activity Rotation

3:15 PM          Camper Break (Trading Post, swimming, outdoor arcade)

5:30 PM         Evening Chow

6:15 PM          Game of the Night

7:30 PM         Evening Spirituality Session **Praise & Worship, Stations of the Cross, or Adoration**

8:30 PM         Cabin Time

10:00 PM      Go To Sleep, Hooligans!

In addition to these activities, some of the special events that occur during the week are Wednesday's Mid-Week Dance Party, Thursday's Lily Games, and Celebration of the Mass.