Trading Post Merchandise

We have some SWEET trading post merchandise that we want to share with the world! Take a look at all of our options and don't hesitate to let us know what you might like to purchase for yourself, for your campers, or for other friends of Camp! Shoot us an email at with any questions.

  • Bro Tank          $12

    This Camp Tekakwitha bro tank says "Doubles Up" on the front and "Triples Down" on the back, designed after our popular waterfront phrase during buddy checks!

  • Laser Shirt          $20

    Our beloved Laser is a huge part of our camp family, and we just couldn't resist putting his face on a shirt for his last summer out at Camp Tek!

  • Lily Games Tie-Dye          $18

    The Lily Games are a huge source of excitement for us here at Camp Tek. Regardless of whether you're part of the red, blue, yellow, or green team, this tie-dye shirt shows your love and pride for the Lily Games!

  • Plain white tie-dye tee          $8

    This shirt is brought to you in the color of white for the great purpose of tie-dying!! One of our favorite camp activities needs an awesome Camp Tekakwitha shirt to dye on! 

  • Loon Lake Long Sleeve          $22

    We love being on Loon Lake, and we just had to create a sweet shirt to show it off! With a small "Camp Tek" design on the front pocket area and a beautifully sketched image of a loon and babies, this shirt is a hot-seller!

    Youth sizes in terracotta and Adult sizes in denim blue.

  • 'Take a little teka-with-ya" Long sleeve          $22

    One of our favorite sayings here at Camp is, "Take a little Teka-with-ya, leave a little of yourself behind."  This green long sleeve tee includes a sketched image of our grounds in addition to that memorable phrase across the back. The front of the shirt has a small "Camp Tek" design on the front pocket area.

    All shirts available in kelly green.

  • Black hoodie          $24

    Our black hoodie is a simple way to show off your love for Camp Tek. With our bright blue logo on a black sweatshirt, this apparel piece pops "Camp Tekakwitha!"

  • Gray crewneck          $20

    Our new crewneck sweatshirt has a basic arch design with "Camp Tekakwitha" proudly emphasized across the front. This sweatshirt doesn't get any more comfortable!

  • maroon sweatshirt          $30

    Giving you another great sweatshirt option, this hockey hoodie has white laces and a thick sweatshirt weight while showing off another Camp Tekakwitha logo design. 

    Youth sizes available in Medium and Large; Adult sizes available in Small, Medium, Large, and XL.

  • Plaid PJ Pants          $24

    Even when the day is over or you're taking a day to relax and lounge around, you can still represent Camp Tekakwitha! Our blue plaid pajama pants are available in all youth and adult sizes.

  • Tie-dye sunglasses          $6

    Our tie-dye shades match with any piece of clothing and provide great protection against the bright sun! Even Bishop Ricken is representing Camp Tekakwitha with these sweet shades!

  • baseball cap         $15

    Our baseball cap will keep your face protected from the bright sun during our beautiful summer months. The cap makes a stellar gift for any occasion!

  • beanie hat          $15

    Our beanie hat is a sure way to keep your noggin warm and stylin' during the cool months of fall and winter. The heather gray color is a great compliment to any outfit!

  • Camp water bottle          $10

    The last things we want are dehydrated campers! Fill up, stay hydrated, and represent Camp Tekakwitha all at the same time! Color options include red, green, blue, and orange.

  • Laser & Irish pups          $12

    We love our camp service pups so much that we just had to make a stuffed animal version of each of them. Our campers love carrying Laser (black pup) and Irish (golden pup) around all day and cuddling them to sleep at night - all to help remind them of Camp Tekakwitha.

  • lily games cowbell          $6

    Lily Games are a huge deal for us out at Camp Tekakwitha, and we are always looking for more ways to show our team pride. Whether you're on team red, yellow, green, or blue, we have a cowbell for you!!

  • drawstring bag          $8

    Everybody has lots of important things to carry around at Camp, and a drawstring bag is a sure way to be sure it's all in the same place!

  • buff          $5

    Wear it like a bandanna, a scarf, a headband, or even a pirate wrap. Our Camp Tekakwitha buff will keep you in style no matter how you wear it.